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Early engagement

RES believes in meaningful and effective consultation and we aim to engage early with the local community and key stakeholders on our projects in order to facilitate constructive consultation. This helps to identify issues and concerns, as well as benefits and opportunities, which we can then consider when developing the design of the proposal.

We began early engagement on the proposed re-design of Cairn Duhie Wind Farm in March 2020 and met with representatives of East Nairnshire Community Council (the area within which the proposal lies); we also undertook door-knocking within the local community around Ferness to start raising awareness about the proposed re-design and to listen to people’s views at this early stage.

Public exhibition events in the local area were also planned for early May 2020 in order to inform the local community about the revised design and gather people’s views, however, RES took the decision in April to move to an online exhibition in response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The online exhibition was widely advertised in the local media (in local printed papers and online) and through a local project newsletter, as well as by writing to Community Councils, local residents, and other key stakeholders.

Online exhibition


An online exhibition was held on Tuesday 12th May 2020 in order to inform the local community about the revised design for Cairn Duhie Wind Farm and gather people’s views (the closing date for comments to RES on the proposal was Friday 12th June 2020).

The welcome video, online exhibition information and associated documents can be viewed below.

Online Exhibition Information (May 2020)

The May 2020 online exhibition presented a variety of exhibition information, which can be viewed below, to inform people about the proposed re-design of Cairn Duhie Wind Farm. Hard copies of the information below will also be made available upon request by emailing us at cairnduhie@res-group.com or by contacting us by phone.

Project information banners

The following information banners were designed to provide an understanding of the key aspects of the proposal:

Comparative Wirelines and Photomontages (Visualisations)

The indicative visualisations and wirelines below helped to give an impression of what the ‘re-designed’ site layout could look like from different viewpoints in the area (compared to the 2017 ‘consented’ scheme). Please note that the wirelines represent a bare-ground scenario (without trees or buildings):

Comparative Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) Map

This ZTV map (4MB) helped to show where the ‘re-designed’ site turbines could be visible from compared to the 2017 ‘consented’ scheme turbines.

Supplementary information

In addition to the above, we also provided more detailed drawings and maps for the following:

We also put together some FAQs which aimed to answer a range of potential questions about the project, and offered phone and Skype appointments to people who wished to discuss the proposal further.

In addition, people were also encouraged to fill out comments forms in order to submit their views to RES on the proposal and the closing date for comments was Friday 12th June 2020. 

Please note the above information and drawings are indicative, and the finalised designs can be found in the March 2021 Section 36 application for consent and accompanying planning documents here.