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Consent Extension

In August 2021, RES submitted a variation application to Scottish Ministers, under Section 36c of the Electricity Act 1989, to extend the duration of consent from 30 to 32 years and the commencement of development period from three years to six years from consent.

Whilst the layout remains unchanged, an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) accompanies the application.  The Environmental Impact Assessment Addendum Report comprises the following volumes:

Volume 1: Main Text, Figures and Appendices (8.5MB)

Volume 2: Landscape and Visual Impact Visualisations:

The Addendum Report is accompanied by a Non-Technical Summary (8MB).

In addition to the Addendum Report and the Non-Technical Summary, a Planning Statement (500KB) accompanies the application to vary the section 36 consent.


The Addendum Report refers to, and should be read in conjunction with:

1. The Environmental Statement that accompanied application EC00002087 - 2013

Volume 1: Non-Technical Summary (10MB)

Volume 2: Written Statement (3.5MB)


Volume 3: Landscape and Visual Figures

Volume 4: Technical Appendices:

2. The Environmental Statement Addendum - 2014 (16.5MB)

3. Supplementary Environmental Information - 2016, provided to supplement the above ES:

4. The Environmental Impact Assessment Report that accompanied the Section 36 consent application of 2021.  These documents can be viewed by clicking here.

Electronic (USB stick) copies of the variation application may be obtained free of charge by contacting RES. Hard copies are also available from RES (printing costs will apply).

Commenting on the Proposal

The Section 36c application and associated documents are available to view on the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit’s website at www.energyconsents.scot and the application reference number is ECU00003323.

Any representations to the application may be submitted via the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) in the following ways:

  • Online: via the ECU’s website at www.energyconsents.scot/Register.aspx
  • Email: by emailing the ECU mailbox at representations@gov.scot
  • Post: by writing to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit, 4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G2 8LU (please note that there may be a delay in the Energy Consents Unit receiving representations by post)

All representations need to identify the proposal and specify the grounds for representation. Written or emailed representations should be dated, clearly stating the name (in block capitals), full return email and postal addresses of those making representations. Only representations sent by email to representations@gov.scot will receive acknowledgement.


General Data Protection Regulations: The Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit processes consent applications and consultation representations under The Electricity Act 1989. During the process, to support transparency in decision making, the Scottish Government publishes online at www.energyconsents.scot. A privacy notice and a fair processing notice are published on the help page at www.energyconsents.scot These explain how the Energy Consents Unit processes your personal information. If you have any concerns about how your personal data is handled, please email us at Econsents_admin@gov.scot or write to Energy Consents Unit, 4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G2 8LU.